Seller Resources


We know that your home is one of your most valuable possessions that you have. Our first goal is to help you set a list price that represents top market value, with out going so high that it does not sell at all. This can only be accomplished by our thorough understanding of the market. We will provide you with significant information that will help you feel confident that an agent and organization that is second to none are representing you. We have a strong online presence and marketing program that will have your property syndicated out to dozens of websites that service the real estate community beyond the MA multiple listing services [MLS]. At Cobblestone Real Estate, we want you to feel confident that we are working to get you the best price with your best interest at heart.

*Please Reference the Resources section of our website for additional tips on how to prepare your house for sale.

Selling Tips


When you first start to think about selling your home, immediately have a yard sale or donate unwanted items that you know you’ll never move to a new location. This allows the home, garage, workshop, attic, yard, etc., to take on a more neat and organized appearance.

Pack up all those items which you never use but are not yet ready to part with, and are definitely planning to take with you. If you have items you plan to give to your children or you know someone who wants to buy them, ask them when they would be able to pick them up.

In most cases, less is more. Less usually makes the square footage look larger. It also allows the potential buyer to mentally place their own furniture in your home which is part of the buying decision. When there are too many “things”, the buyer often gets distracted by your things, is not able to actually see the size of the rooms, assumes to home is too small and they’re ready to look at the next home.

Make A Good First Impression

Make sure you have good curbside appeal. The outside appearance is the first impression your potential buyer will see. Make sure it is favorable. Clean the yard of all debris. Cut back or remove any dead or dying vegetation. Paint, repair, or replace. Replace any shingles that have blown off. Repair any cracks around the cooler, fireplace, roof, etc. The idea is not that you’re trying to hide anything… it’s the idea of having pride of ownership, keeping the property in good repair, and those things make the home more valuable in the eyes of the potential buyer.

Fix It

When less is more, and you have good curbside appeal, you are ready to look at the interior. Does it need a new coat of paint? Choose neutral colors so anyone’s furniture, decorations, etc. will blend in. The possibility is with a new coat of paint you may decide to stay a little longer. Does the carpet need to be professionally cleaned? Do you have a dripping faucet? Do doors or windows stick, including exterior doors,screen doors, closet doors, etc.? Are all light bulbs functioning? Are electrical outlets fully functional?

All the big and little repairs need to be given attention, unless you’re planning to sell in “as is” condition, which usually means you’ll end up with less money. Clean, organized, and in good repair usually sells more quickly.

Get Professional Advice

If you would like, please call and we will preview your property for helpful selling hints. Sometimes it is a matter of obtaining objective insight that facilitates a beginning point in the project. Often it’s a matter of accomplishing a series of small repairs rather than taking on a major project which will help sell your property. Please call when we can be of additional assistance.

We are all becoming more educated consumers. The competition will always be there. The goal is to give your home its best appearance in order to obtain a buyer in the shortest period of time, and for market value. These are just a few hints. There are hundreds more. Educate yourself and reflect on those things which are important to you as a home buyer and consumer in general.