Selling Checklist


  • Check underside of roof for leaks, stains or dampness

  • Look around chimney for condensation or signs of water

  • Clean and clear ventilation openings if necessary

  • Clean out stored junk

Walls and ceilings

  • Check condition of paint and wallpaper

  • Repair cracks, holes or damage to plaster or wallboard

Windows and doors

  • Check for smooth operation

  • Replace broken or cracked panes

  • Repair glazing

  • Check condition of weather stripping and caulking

Examine paint

  • Test doorbell or chimes

  • Test burglar alarms

  • Wash windows and woodwork


  • Inspect for creaking boards, loose or missing tiles

  • Check baseboards and moldings

  • Test the staircases for loose handrails, posts, treads
    Clean carpets


  • Check tile joints, grouting and caulking

  • Remove mildew

  • Repair faucets and shower heads that are dripping

  • Check the condition of painted or papered walls

  • Test operation of toilet


  • Wash all appliances

  • Clean ventilator or exhaust fan

  • Remove accumulation of grease or dust from tiles, walls, cabinets, floors


  • Remove clutter

  • Check for signs of dampness

  • Check for signs of cracked walls or damaged floors

  • Inspect structural beams

  • Check pipes for leaks

  • Electrical system

  • Check exposed wiring and outlets for signs of wear or damage

  • Repair broken switches and outlets

  • Label each circuit or fuse

Plumbing system

  • Check water pressure when taps in bathroom(s) are turned on

  • Check water pressure when taps in kitchen are turned on

  • Look for leaks at faucets and sink traps

  • Clear slow-running or clogged drains

  • Bleed air off radiators if needed

  • Check for leaking valves

Heating/cooling systems

  • Change or clean filters from furnace

  • Change or clean filters from air-conditioning equipment

  • Have equipment serviced if needed

  • Clear and clean area around heating and cooling equipment