Buyer Services


Purchasing a home is the largest ticket item on most peoples shopping list. At Cobblestone Real Estate, we don’t just have you sign an offer form, we walk you through the process step by step.  Whether this is your first purchase or you are a house flipping pro, we stand with you each step of the way to ensure the smoothest transaction possible without any surprises after the closing. We want you to be comfortable with what you are purchasing, so that you have confidence that you are investing in an appreciating asset.

Your Agency Agreement

There is allot of paperwork in Real Estate and the first form that you will be asked to sign is the MANDATORY AGENCY DISCLOSURE- AGENCY RELATIONSHIP. This form is required to be presented to you by law to inform you of your relationship with the Real Estate agent and provide you with their License Number. In the event that you have a complaint, this is the number that you would present to the Real Estate Board to identify the agent with whom you had an issue. [Do NOT confuse this with a “Buyers Agreement” which is a contract binding you to the agent.] The main types of agency relationships are:

• Seller’s Agent
• Buyers Agent
• (Non-Agent) Facilitator
• Designated Seller’s and Buyer’s Agent
• Dual Agent

Take the time to understand the relationship you are agreeing to with your agent and their expectations on how they will get paid for their services.